Edible canna noodle

   Edible canna noodle is a popular food among many people because it has fresh taste and does not cintain too much fat and protein....Minh Duong edible canna noodle is suitable for vegetarians and people on diet or those who ....

 Minh Duong edible canna noodle is produced from clean and sale materials in a modern and self contained production line, comply with quality management system ISO 22000-2005 standard. The thin vermicelli is both tough and soft with natural taste, totally satisfying any customer 

Thông tin dinh dưỡng

Ingredients : Pure edible canna starch and salt

Preservation: Please keep it in a cool & dry place and avoid from the sun

Packing :500g, 200g

Hướng dẫn sử dụng

Step1: Use a colander to dip canna, noodle, pick up to drain

Step2: Cook with various kinds of vegetable, meat, seafood and spice


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